How did I Fund gyms with my membership fee & zero workouts?

Gym membership story by Kavitha The Coach

Have you ever paid your gym membership fee and rarely went for workouts?

If you did, then same pinch.

Here is my story of funding gyms with my membership fee.

I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to learn is to take a step back and look at your past experiences.

Most recently, I challenged myself and decided to push myself further than I thought I could go by.

I enrolled myself in the gym.

Before I tell you about my present, I will tell you about my past.

I have previously enrolled in the gym many times, paid a fee for 30 days and didn’t even go for a single day, or went for 2 to 3 days a month and left it and guess what happened this time?

This time I decided to enroll in a gym and flex my muscles.

I failed… and then I failed again…

First month, I paid the fee and went for 20 days a month.

Second month, I didn’t pay the membership fee and didn’t go at all.

Now, I could have stopped there and wasted all this energy for nothing, but I didn’t.

Third month, I paid and went for 7 days out of 12 days.

Instead, this learning curve eventually paid off, and within 3 months of going to the gym for a day or two, I had gone around 27 days in the last 72 days.

My previous record, I have gone to the gym for 1 day out of 90 days is 0.011% to 27 days out of 72 days that is 0.3%.

That is nearly 30 times the improvement from my past records.

Here are lessons I learned from going from 1 day out of 90 days to 27 days out of 72 days, that I hope will help you out in your endeavors. 👇

1, I found a women’s gym which is near my home, which is 15 minutes away. I feel more comfortable there.

2, The added bonus is watching other women work out, which inspired me. I loved the vibes.

3, I became deaf to the comments from friends and family, “ You are again going to make the gym richer by paying the fee, go for walking or home workouts”. Believe me, I tried both and it didn’t work out for me.

4, I gave brief rest in periods when I was not feeling well, or didn’t feel guilty for not going to the gym regularly. I was kind to myself and forgave me when I couldn’t go to the gym.

5, The major change is I invested in a personal trainer. I gave her my whole history of paying the fee and not going to the gym, how I became tired after a few workouts, and how she studied my body, my strength arena. Created a customized plan of workouts.

6, I invested in comfortable gym clothes.

Overall, I worked out all the factors, which may deter me from going to the gym on a regular basis.

All my previous excuses were addressed, and my mind didn’t have any choice or excuse.

Have you ever tried something like this?

Did you learn from your previous experience and work on your present?

What is something you had success at after repeated failures?

I’d love to hear back from your own experiences!