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 Connect with your Audience- Share your story

Let me share with you my story…

I was a parenting blogger and self-published a parenting book on Amazon in December 2015. It was a self-help book with fables. Most of my content was great advice to moms.

I believed that I have lots of content which is helpful for people and I didn’t understand why people are not reading such useful content?

I was frustrated and didn’t know how to mark my unique niche in the competitive space of a parenting blogger. 

I was not sure how should I connect with my target audience.

In the meantime, I have also become a yelling and advising mom.

 My son has stopped listening to me.

A thought occurred…!

My son was listening to others a little too much. He wanted to know from others whether he would be able to be successful in his tasks or not. He gave too much importance to other’s words. A small positive word encouraged him and a single negative word from others, could stop him from doing his work or working for any progress.

One day, I told him the deaf frog story which could not listen to others and how it had successfully jumped from the well. 

He was impressed.

His mom didn’t give him any advice. She shared an inspiring story with him. He began to act like a deaf frog. All discouraging and negative words started falling on his deaf ears.

His perspective changed and so did mine.

Something in me sparked and then I started writing real-life incidents as stories.

One of my stories got viral and received a million views.

My unknown book sales rose to 15 books that week without any promotion.

The audience has searched for me online and bought the book. 

It was a great learning experience for me.

Now the views have reached more than 11 million views.

I understood the power of stories and how stories act as a connection with you and your audience.

I could taste success as a parenting blogger. I started connecting with other bloggers to help them transform their powerful, inspiring content to beautiful, emotional connecting stories.

I have transformed myself into a storytelling coach.

I am bundling up my years of experience of coaching in storytelling to a beautiful package. 

I am launching my first online program.

Connect with your audience

You are an

  •  Entrepreneur
  • Coach
  • FB group admin
  • Blogger
  • Influencer
  • Public speaker

You could be any one or more of the above.

As a coach or as an Entrepreneur

Just imagine that you have just released a product or program, and thousands of people had already completed the pre-registration process.

The sales are zooming through and you have lined up credit entries in your bank account.

As a public speaker
Your diary is full of engagements for the next following months. You had to say, No to other speaking gigs or had the luxury to pick your favorite gigs.
As a FB group admin

All your FB live videos or posts have high engagements and your loyal audience are waiting for more content from you.

Your highly successful students or clients who you have worked with are spreading the good word about you throughout the social media.

Yes, all this happens when you have a truly engaging audience who trusts you.

They feel that you have made a difference in their lives with your inspiring stories.

How do you connect with your audience to get the results?

Connect with your audience on an emotional level by sharing your story.

Is it so simple? Does share your story helps you connect with your audience and get these amazing results?

The answer is YES and NO.

Sharing your story gives amazing results.

The magic lies in what you share and how you share.

You may wonder,

  • I did this a few times and didn’t get amazing results.
  • People didn’t connect with me the way I wished for.
  • My FB videos are not getting enough views.
  • I am not sure, how many people like my story.
  • I am not comfortable sharing my personal life.
  • My life is a mess, what do I share from it
  • I live an ordinary life. I don’t have extraordinary stories.

Just think of any coach or mentor or an influencer in your life. You may respect them a lot and look upon them as an inspiration.

When you remember them, just think about what made you connect with them in the first place?

Is it their face, their content, or a personal emotional story that person had shared which made you immediately connect with them?

There you got it! Their personal stories.

Our human brains are wired with stories. For centuries, storytelling has been a part of human culture.

As entrepreneurs, public speakers, bloggers, Coaches we do have a lot of content that is super useful to people. 

The content can give them the results they crave for.

You may agree with me that, In this information age, content is available everywhere.

You need an audience who trusts you and who can be loyal to every strategy you share. 

Willing to implement on every technique you give them.

Connect with your audience. Share your story.

This is a beta program for you who needs to get that one thousand true followers.

  • To get your loyal and trusting customers.
  • To find people who wait and implement every technique you share.
  • The audience who love you immensely and feel proud that they are connected with you.

This is a lifetime free access program, for 6 weeks.

It has online videos and includes downloadable worksheets.

Weekly coaching calls for 6 weeks with me, so you can ask any queries.

You are stuck up, don’t worry, you will have an accountability partner, who helps you stay committed to reaching your goals.

I will be with you holding your hands walking through 

  • all the techniques shared
  • clear the blocks you experience
  • Your weekly calls will help you clarify any doubts you had.
  • You will have 24*7 support, for any technical issues.

At the end of the program,

  •  You would be sharing your stories with your audience with ease 
  •  They would be loving and trusting you.
  • Be known as the expert in your field
  • More mouth of word spreading of your reputation
  • More Followers and More engagements

This is a beta program.

 With your commitment and feedback, the program would be updated and launched again


As a beta program member, you will have lifetime access to all updated versions of this program

Connect with your Audience

Not satisfied with the program,

Don’t worry, 

  • You can send me a simple email and your 100% money is refunded without any questions asked.
  • I am offering you a 6 weeks money-back guarantee. Yes, you had heard me right.
  • After you check the whole program attend all weekly coaching calls and still feel this program is not a good fit for you, or you feel you have not benefitted from it,

Feel free,

Send me a simple email and get back your money.

Am I crazy?

I trust the system. I know it worked wonders for various people I have worked with.

It is going to be a life-changing program for you too.

All this bundled up for just $ 49 only.

Yes, you heard it right. 

It is $ 49 only as I am looking for highly committed students, who are ready for active participation.

I need constant feedback to improve the program.

You can give me an honest rip off of the techniques you liked, the one which is useful and the ones you feel does not work for you.

You could give your evaluations, time to time and more detailed ones when you complete the program.

Love it. Great.

  • Some life-changing decisions are taken at the spur of the moment.
  • A few success stories are built upon that one decision that changes lives.
  • If you feel, you could read till this word, it means you are able to connect with me.
  • We are on the same page.
    • Press the button below.
    • Fill out your details.
    • This is going to change the story of your life.

Fill out the questionnaire. Give your details. I will send you the payment link.

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I am closing this program on Jan 3rd ,2020 , Midnight 12 pm EST.

If you fill the questionaire after the gate closes, you will be listed in the waitinglist for the Program.

You will be notified when the program launches next. It will be for Full price.

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