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About Me

Resigned from Largest bank in the country at the age of 39, to pursue my passion, coaching for women in business. Living my dream life of retiring from my day job and living my life of freedom of time. 7 plus years of side hustling as a coach. A hectic banking day job. Taking care of a family. Fulfilling gender based expectation, roles and responsibilities.
  • I learnt mastering time management, goal setting and growth habits.
  • With THRIVE technique, my life changed.
  • T- Time Management
  • H-Habits
  • R-Resourceful
  • I- Innovation
  • V-Vision
  • E-Energy.

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What My Clients Say

I was doing everything possible for my business and still not getting results.
With the short free strategy call,
1, I could get clarity on the exact steps I was not doing correctly in my business.
2, The clarity on gaps in my business strategies.
3, How to attract my ideal audience and make them by paying clients.
Thank you dear for the clear insights. You have shown me that if we are dealing with the problems we can't see the mistakes. If we take the support of a helping hand, it is easier to recognise, and deal with our business problems.
Preethi Trishna
Financial Coach
Earlier, I used to think only of a business owner, but now I have started thinking about the customer perspective.

1. I am trying to finish my task in less time. My aha moment was spent 20% of time and got 80% results. As a woman it helped me spend quality time with my family.
2. I guess now it's just about implementing your ideas one by one.
3. It was amazing. Kavitha is very professional and dedicated to her work. She makes you comfortable in the process of how to unlearn your old learnings. I love this powerful woman.
4. My breakthrough in your mindset after Coaching: Narrow down your niche as much as possible.
5. After her coaching, Now I have something to sell for every single lead.
Manu Kapoor
PCOS & Diet Expert
Kavitha changed my thought process as a coach in a different perspective. Helped me understand that lead magnet is a one time process. She helped me work in my business as well as my feelings as a woman.
Meenu Gera
Meenu Gera
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