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by Kavitha The Coach

Create the Attractive Lead Magnet which works for your business. You want coaching clients.
And Your lead magnets are not attracting enough leads or worse.

You don’t have a lead magnet

You wish someone would just handhold you and tell you which lead magnet will work for your business.

Welcome, the universe has answered and you are in the right place.
If you are reading this here that means, You need more leads for your Coaching business.

Congratulations, your wish has just come true. You don’t have a lead magnet and are not sure how to build one or do you have a lead
magnet and it is not working?

Believe yourself, Its is not your fault. You didn’t know better. Does any of this sound like you ?

  1. You are ready with your professional qualification as a coach. Do you want to share your learnings with your clients and make their life better? The more you wish to share your knowledge, the fewer calls you get or fewer Dm’s you get, after posting regular social media content. You feel stuck as you don’t understand this technical stuff.

  2. You have been postponing creating your lead magnet for the 46th time or do you want to rework on your lead magnet as you know it is not working? You are feeling overwhelmed with the research, the creation and promotion of your lead magnet along with the creation and promotion of your coaches, a business to run and a family to look after?

  3. You have a decent email list but the audience is very cold. Not click opening your emails, or not ready to take up your offers or courses. You hate to admit that you have attracted the wrong audience. All your time and efforts have been spent in a lead magnet that didn’t get you, your ideal audience?

How do I know all this? Ladies, I have been there and came across it. If I can do it, you can too.
Let’s put you out of your misery, right now?
Are you willing to work out of your misery? Do you make a commitment to pay the price of living your dream life?

Please write it down somewhere or repeat it with me
High-Quality clients
High-Quality coaches

  • You need to have an open mind.
  • You should be ready to empty your cup before learning.
  • You should be genuinely interested to make other people life better.
  • You should be willing to raise the bar of the coaching industry.
  • Solopreneurs.
  • Freelancers.
  • Service businesses.
  • Micro-businesses.
  • Digital marketing professionals.
  • Coaches
  • If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones. don’t want to waste your precious time and efforts in creating in different lead magnets.
  • You don’t want anymore trials and errors or tired of DIY techniques in your business.
  • you understand the importance of finding the right client and don’t know how to start finding and attracting them.
  • You are a new or experienced coach with no or a small email list.
  • You want to attract high quality leads into your coaching business.
  • Defining your customer avatar.
  • Strategies to understand your customer pain points
  • Importance of lead magnets
  • Create a powerful attractive lead magnet to attract high quality leads
  • Promote your lead magnets to attract clients
It’s a live 3 hours workshop. You need to be committed to spend every moment with an open-mind to learn. The concepts could be new and give a new perspective of things you already know or it may be new concepts for you. An open and learning mindset is required.

Kavitha The Coach

I am Helping Female Coaches Who Struggle To Get Clients And Would Like To Attract Consistent Clients.
My Mission Is To Understand The Unique Strategies That Work Exclusively For Your Business. No Two Business Is Alike. What Works For Them Need Not Work For You.
Lets Twitch The Super Success Formulas And Find Out What Works Exclusively For Your Business And The Unique You.

Benefits of My Programs

Automated Lead generation funnel

Spend time with kids without feeling guilty

Live 1 2 1 session

Don’t add up one more program you buy and store, complete the course with live sessions

Doable daily activities

Amaze yourself with your daily progress and build your confidence

Accountability partner

Coaching system which is designed for a unique you. You will complete the course within the stipulated time

Exclusive for Coaches

This program is designed only for women coaches so the strategies explained will work 100% for you.

Content strategy for landing page traffic

Learn digital lead copywriting without any previous experience of writing anything

What My Students Say