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Landing Page- The 3 Important Features

The Three Important features of a Landing page

Landing page - 3 important features of a landing page- Kavitha the Coach

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The three important features of a landing page are

1,  Stunning Headline – Sparks interest and catches the attention

2, Clear and concise words According to a survey, there is a 42% bounce rate for landing pages, more than 50 words above the fold of a landing page. So keep it sweet and short.

3, Simple and Straight Call to Action- The more I emphasise the less it is.

CTA is mostly asking the visitors to leave their contact information. It helps in conversion from visitors to leads. From leads, you can nurture a beautiful relationship with them to turn them into loyal customers for life.

According to Larry Kim at Wordstream, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, while the top 25% convert at 5.31% or higher. 

The top 10% are pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher. 

According to HubSpot, companies that increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see a 55% increase in leads.

If you have one landing page, that is good, but as a service or product-based business, it is better to have different landing pages according to the broad category of the audience so you can attract the right visitors to different landing pages

Let’s take an example,

For a moment think that you are a life coach. You help your clients develop confidence and help them overcome anxiousness.

Your client’s problem could be the same, developing confidence and overcoming anxiousness.

However they could be from different walks of life like, 

1, one could be someone starting their career and want to face the interview board with confidence.

2, one could be a speaker who is looking for speaking opportunities

3, One could be an employee who wants confidence in negotiating skills to speak to their employer for a salary hike,

Your audience may be from different walks of life, your landing page can’t be the same for everyone. The solution could overlap, your program can solve the problems of each one of them as the root problem could be the same, however, the landing page headline could not be the same for each one of them.

Therefore, to attract your ideal audience by writing the right headlines.

For any suggestions or ideas to create your one or multiple landing pages, check out my website, https://kavithathecoach.com and book a free strategy call now.

You are listening to Coaching journey with Kavitha – Season 2 – Episode 1- The 3 Important features of a landing page.

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