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Epi 7 podcast Why do you need a lead magnet?

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I am Kavitha the coach. In today’s Episode no 7, of the coaching journey with kavitha, I am going to talk about, as a women coach, why do you need a lead magnet?


First of all, let me explain, what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away to gather contact details

Simple isn’t it?

When you give a valuable free gift to your customers, you ask them their contact details, usually their email contact details and in a few cases their phone numbers, so you can nurture a relationship with them later.

Does it sound complex? Let me keep it simple for you with real-life examples.

Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign Concept. Leads Generation, Convert Strangers to Promoters.

Imagine you went to a party to meet your friends and you met a few common friends. When some topic was discussed, you found someone who had the exact pain points of your ideal client. You could see some connection with that person and you wish to connect with that person later. While speaking with that person, you forgot to take their contact number and forgot to give yours too.

After you reach home you remember that you have not taken any details and think you will take it from your common friend. 

When you speak with your friend you realize that he or she also doesn’t have the contact information of that person. How do you feel?

Don’t you feel like banging yourself?

You have missed someone, who is in need of your services. You could have helped the person transform their life with your skillset, but couldn’t do so, as you don’t have any information about them to connect with them.

As a coach, you may feel desperate as you could have solved the potential client’s pain in a short time, and missed the connection as you have not taken his contact details. That feels bad, isn’t it?



If you tell me, But kavitha, I have my potential clients’ social media accounts. I can reach them at any point in time, 

so I can have contact with them, let me share another example with you,

Imagine that you are selling some beautiful art pieces or gift items in a coffee shop. The coffee shop is owned by someone and you put your items on display there. They pay your sales amount after taking their commission. The business is going well and one fine day, the coffee shop is closed permanently overnight.

You don’t know what happened. The owners closed the shop and left without any information.

You would not have any contacts with your customers and your customers will not know how to reach you. 

The bridge between you and your customers collapsed overnight.

Tik Tok was closed in India overnight due to some change in policies. The conclusion is social media could be a possible platform to attract traffic, but it is better to have your way of collecting information about your clients you show some interests in products you are selling or topics you teach

So, whatever be your business, coaching, or entrepreneurship, you do need to collect contact information from your customers.

Now, you can ask me, why will someone give me their contact information?

Yes, exactly, when information is bombarded everywhere, why will people give their contact information so they would be bombarded with more information?

Dadata dadata ,

Here enter our main protagonist, our lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something of great value to our customers that they are ready to give their contact information in exchange for that value.

When you create your lead magnet we have to remember that, our customer is allowing us to be a part of their lives at least for a tiny moment. 

That is a great privilege in today’s busy world where you get all the information in fingertips.

So, creating a lead magnet should be done very carefully.

It’s a one-time process. So care and attention should be given to creating your lead magnet, so your customer gets immense value and feels he did himself a favour by letting you in his or her mind or life.

The good news about creating your lead magnet is 

  1. Its a one time process
  2. I will teach you steps on how to create it for completely free
  3. It will create your raving fans in the shortest possible time
  4. Your leads are your first step for sale leads

So the creation of a lead magnet is hassle-free, saves your time, is completely free, and is your money machine for your sales.

Think no further, about creating one.

More about what lead magnet to create and how to decide on your lead magnet in the next episode.

For now, let’s understand the importance of a lead magnet and decide to create one.

For more information on lead magnets, check out my website https://kavithathecoach.com


Until that time, keep listening, happy coaching,

meet you soon

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