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The 9 Best Lead Magnet Types That Will Get Your Visitors to Opt-In for Your Email List

The 9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List

The 9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List

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A lead magnet is a type of content that provides significant value to the user. The lead magnet can help grow your subscriber list by promoting it as an incentive for readers to sign up.

This article is about the 9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List

A lead magnet is a free report, ebook, video, or other digital content that you can offer to your prospective customers.

Your potential audience would give their contact information to receive those valuable, useful information.

The 9 Best Lead Magnet Types to build your Email List is given in this blog. Read further to learn more.

As you will have their contact information for future contacts they become your leads. You’ll use this contact information to market to them in the future with additional offers

As a coach, you need to create a powerful attractive lead magnet for your potential clients. What can you create so that your potential clients can share their information and get your lead magnet in exchange?

I get these questions, a lot of time. “ Kavitha, what lead magnet should I create ? should I create a text format like an ebook or a cheat sheet, shall I create an audio file or a video file?”

Each business is unique. Each audience is also unique. 

I am giving different types of Lead magnets here so you can choose the one which is best suitable for you and your audience.

ALL the best for the creation of your lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a type of content that provides significant value to the user. The lead magnet can help grow your subscriber list by promoting it as an incentive for readers to sign up.

This article will go over some popular types of lead magnets and some strategies for creating one.

The 9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List

1,A cheat sheet

9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List

A cheat sheet is a document, in an electronic copy (e.g. PDF), that contains information such as the most important points of an article, a list of vocabulary words with definitions and example sentences, or a diagram with instructions on how to do something. 

Cheat sheets can be used in a variety of settings including business, school, and personal life.

2, Templates from Canva or for social media

Dotted. Modern, trendy design set for social media. Contemporary art. Creative conceptual and colorful collage. Copyspace to insert your ad, text, image. Seamless styled. Watercolor, geometric, lines.

Templates from Canva or for social media are a quick and easy way to create amazing content without the hassle and time commitment. They come in a variety of formats and styles that can be easily edited to fit your needs or aesthetic.

3, Quiz for your audience

Ready For a Quiz

The goal of this quiz is to find out what your audience wants from you.

This quiz is designed to allow you to find out what your audience wants from you.

The questions will probe for a range of information, such as their profession, the type of content they want and which social media platforms they belong to. Also, the quiz results will help the audience gain more clarity and purpose what they want. The reports or results can be emailed to the email given by your lead. Quiz is considered one of the powerful lead magnets.

4, Video of Frequently asked questions


If you find there is a list of frequently asked questions asked by your potential audience, create a list of the common 3 to 5 questions. answer those questions in a video. This would be of great interest to your audience as their frequently asked questions are answered in one place.

5, Resources list as a lead magnet


A resources list is a list of resources, like blog posts, articles, infographics etc. that are relevant to the topic the blog post is about.

This is one of the most popular lead magnet ideas for content marketers because it’s easy to create and provides value to readers.

People are always looking for more information on a topic they are interested in. By providing them with resources like articles, blog posts and infographics related to this topic they will be more likely to subscribe to your email lists or download your content in exchange for their contact information or email address.

As an example, if you’re running a marketing agency you could create a list of marketing tools that people can use when they need help with their campaigns

6, Email scripts

Script writer's notebook on a wooden table

Email scripts are a great lead magnet idea for your email marketing campaigns. They can help you create a strong connection with your customer and ensure that they enter the funnel on time. Here are some of the benefits of using email scripts:


Focused content: Email scripts include all the necessary information such as who you are, what you want to offer and how to enter your funnel. They also outline the next steps in case they show interest. This helps create a focused and personalized message for your customers.

Enables single touchpoint: Email scripts allow you to focus on one touchpoint and ensure that customers enter your funnel at the right time. This saves your team’s efforts and resources as well as ensures more conversions at each step in the process of buying from you

7, Audio Bonus

podcasting concept, directly above view of headphones and recording microphone on orange background

Audio files are a great lead magnet because it is interactive. People can listen to the file anywhere and anytime while they exercise, drive or cook. It is also an excellent way to get people interested in your life coaching services.

8, Recipes or Diets or Quick fix or Affirmations as PDF

Blank recipe book with vegetables on wooden table

Lead magnet ideas are the keys to the retention of a customer. They are intended to provide some kind of incentive for customers to engage more with your company. The most popular lead magnet ideas are recipes, diets, and affirmations.

A lead magnet is something that draws in your customers or potential customers by giving them something valuable for free.

It is an idea that you might want to consider if you want to give away recipes or diet plans or quick-fix solutions or affirmations as PDFs.

9, Email course- 3 emails one course

Online Learning in study abroad university education concept: Graduation cap on email address symbol in student hands. Ideas communication international school, can learn course by internet technology

Email courses are an example of lead magnets. They are short-term courses that are sent via email, usually once per day over the course of three weeks or so. After you’ve built up a relationship with your email subscribers, they’re an effective way to sell more products and services.

Bouns Lead Magnet idea- Ebook or a sample chapter from your larger book


If you have published a book or writing a book, then a part of it could be an attractive lead magnet.

People would love to see your bonus chapter or the first chapter of the book or if you are still writing one, a glimpse of the unpublished chapter would be a great incentive for your audience. That would encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

So these are the 9 Best Lead Magnet types to build your Email List , you can create for your potential audience. I have given a bonus idea too.

Research on it and create your powerful lead magnet to get quality leads for your coaching business.

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