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How to sell your E-commerce product on Instagram with 5 simple strategies?

How to sell your E-commerce product on Instagram with 5 simple strategies?

  • Let’s take the case study of Natalie. Natalie sells millet brand of her own for healthy eating habits.
  • How to sell your E-commerce product on Instagram with 5 simple strategies?

  • The Name is suggestive for case study. Original name of client is not revealed for confidentiality purpose.
  • She was creating Instagram posts and other social media posts about good qualities of Millet to people. How eating millet as a replacement for daily food will help people have a healthy lifestyle?
  • She could find some leads for sales and she felt she could do a lot better.
  • She approached me and we started working on her Millet products.
  • We did 5 strategies and they worked wonders for her business.
  • Her sales increased 4 times in 3 months.
  • Would you like to know the 5 strategies?
  • Stay tuned.
  • I am going to share the secret 5 strategies here.
  • If you own any type of e-commerce business the strategies may help you increase your sales.
How to sell your E-commerce product on Instagram with 5 simple strategies?                                                      Grow business In Instagram 
  • Stop selling for everyone. One product – one customer- to solve one problem. This will be the number 1 strategy.
  • Many customers i work with say me that , their products could be consumed by anyone and everyone. It could help many people from various categories.
  • When you are in sales and marketing, you have to always remember that selling to everyone you don’t sell to anyone. Even though it is hard to digest it is the truth.
  • Yes, it sound scary to niche down to one category of people in ecommerce when you can sell to anyone.
  • however, if you have the courage to niche down to one category and fix it with one category of customers, your messaging, and content value would increase multi folds.
  • Your sales as a result would increase multifolds.
  • There are enough proofs with me and in the marketing industry for this truth.
  • Have the courage to sell to one customer base. Others will follow later.
  • So we worked on her customer base.
  • The customer base was varied, and the customer retention rate was good as her products were of high quality.
  • she needed more leads and needed to reach more people in her marketplace.

1,Secret Strategy- One Customer
The first thing we worked on was, if she is to choose to work with only one category of customer, who would it be?

She felt that women who had diabetics or had spouses or Laws with diabetes at home had a tough time cooking two different meals for the family and diabetic patients. She choose to work with women, who cook for her family or who plan meal for the family. They felt responsible for the health of the families.

  • Once they understood the value of millets which is good for diabetic patients and other family members they could cook the same millets for all of them
  • It helped them save time as they need not cook two different meals.
  • They need not think about what could I cook for today, there were various healthy options available.
  • They were assured and happy that diabetes will not pass through the family as healthy food with the right nutrition can help them, have a diabetic-free future.
  • It saved them time, and energy and gave them peace and happiness.
  • so the Instagram posts on her handle were changed to showing pics of different millets to how it helped the women cooking in the family to save time, and energy and gave them peace.
  • The moral of the story- Speak about how your product solves the problem of your customer to get more business enquires or reach a new audience.

2, Get Contact information of the leads- 

( To sell your product in social media or Instagram)


Businessman using thin line contact icon 

  • Take their phone numbers and email ids to give them valuable content of different recipes or an understanding of the nutritional value of millet.
  • Educate them on the benefits of the products they were using.
  • It increased customer retention, as even the women start using, the change in the family will not be easily accepted. Educating the women about the benefits will help them, answer the questions when asked by other family members or will help them convince for easier transformation.
  • Also, the latest products were promoted from time to time with discounts to existing customers to get upselling done. Her upselling increased.

3, Request for word-of-mouth publicity

( To sell your product in social media or Instagram)

mouth refferals word written on wood block. mouth refferals text on table, concept 

The world’s oldest, best marketing strategy is the word of mouth publicity. It is the most inexpensive and effective marketing strategy. It helps in building up trust immediately as a word from friends or families we trust will help the new potential audience to comfort and try a new product immediately.

  • Even though people love your product, they may forget to speak about it. An occasional reminder to promote your product will help you get more leads
  • Also, she started giving referral bonuses. If someone mentions that their friend or family member referred them, she gave the new customer and old customer both a 10% discount on products so Both parties are happy.
  • We created a system a simple system with coupon codes so it became easy for her.
  • Creating a system of discount coupon codes is much easier than you are thinking.

4, Sample Products

( To sell your product in social media or Instagram)
  • Giving small sample products as gifts to the old customers when they referred new customers.As a promotional offer, she gave small sample products to existing customers so they can give them to their family and friends for word-of-mouth publicity. People who found the samples solving the problem of healthy meals and time-saving started ordering more. This helps in getting more orders. The sample products had her contact information. they could easily find her information and contact her for more orders.

5, Mindset of the Entrepreneur

( To sell your product in social media or Instagram)

growth mindsetThe most significant process of the sales is working on the mindset of the entrepreneur.

  • We were working on the sales mindset and money mindset of Natalie, the entrepreneur. Even though we work on a business on a day-to-day business, building the habits of an entrepreneur is important.
  • Working on a business without working on the mindset is impossible. It is important to work on the mindset and business strategies simultaneously to get the desired results.
  • The above are the strategies on how to sell your E-commerce product on Instagram with 5 simple strategies.
  • If you would like to work on the growth of your e-commerce business, follow me for more tips and strategies.

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