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Easiest way to get your first 5 customers or clients (If you have no budget)

Get your first 5 customers- kavitha the coach

Get Your First 5 Customers

Storytime –

On the first day of a pottery class,

the teacher divided the class into two.

She gave the material to make vases to both of them.

The first group was told that the – Quality of the vase would determine their grade.

The second group was told that the – quantity of the vase would determine their grade.

They were given 3 days.

Now guess, which group made better vases the first one or the second one?

If you own a Product or service-based business, you could have guessed by now.

Yes, the group which had made pots, again and again, found a better way to make pots and they could make good pots with great output.

They could figure it out by repetition.

Repeating the same tasks, again and again, will give you better results.

The first group was so conscious about good quality vases that it forgot the secret, repetition is the mother of mastery.

As a business owner, you may suck at lead generation.

What will make you better at it?

Learning from the experts, applying the knowledge and working on it again and again.

Many entrepreneurs think that exposure to a huge knowledge base or information is learning.

Real learning comes from doing things again and again and simultaneously figuring out how to do better.

What is the easiest way to get leads without any budget?

Here is the 3 important steps :

1, Create a free landing page.

2, Create an irresistible lead magnet.

3, Promote your landing page link in your social media links.

It could be your Instagram bio link, YouTube description link, or link in the first comment on your Facebook or linked in posts.

Now the question, how many times should you promote your landing page?

Let’s do the calculations.

The average conversion rate for landing pages for leads is 10%.

The sale conversion rate is 1% to 2%.

To get 1 sale you need to get 10 leads and reach 100 people.

To reach 5 sales you need to get 50 leads and reach 500 people.

This is the average statistics after you post relevant posts and when it is seen by your ideal audience with your social media algorithms.

For every sale, you need to have the marketing stamina to reach 100 people with your awesome landing page and lead magnet.

Remember the pottery case, repetition is the mother of mastery.

Flex your muscles to reach 500 people, with the irresistible lead magnet, and simple and free landing page and get your first 5 sales.

Congratulations on your first 5 sales for free you have become the best in lead generation as you have 45 leads to nurture for your next sales.

If you understand this game and play full-on, you are the queen of your chess board.

Like to learn more about landing pages and lead magnets, check out my website-


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